Call for Papers: Education Reforms and Social Change


Vol. 11, Issue 2 (Year 2021)

Issue Editors: Mitja Sardoč, Slavko Gaber and Veronika Tašner

As a topic in the sociology of education, educational change has been high on the agenda of scholars, practitioners and policymakers alike. In fact, over the last several decades, social and political changes as well as technological innovation have been a catalyst for changes in education. Yet, educational change is not only a reflection of larger social and political transformations as well as initiatives aimed at reshaping education practice; it is an amalgam of factors (both internal and external) that have an impact on schooling and on education in general.


Interestingly, scholarship on educational change has been galvanised not only by these transformations, but also by the increasing significance of education for both individual and social wellbeing. In particular, the centrality of education in post-1989 social and political changes has contributed considerably to several system-based reforms throughout Europe. One of the paths taken has been that of Slovenia. After a decade of conceptual discussions, together with a panoply of ‘scaling up’ projects and other initiatives, a comprehensive education reform was undertaken in 1996.


This focus issue of the CEPS Journal entitled Education Reforms and Social Change aims to bring together a set of contributions discussing the impact and the legacy of the introduction of nine-year comprehensive education and the inauguration of an external exam at the end of general upper secondary education (baccalaureate), as well as changes at the legislative, organisational and curriculum level from pre-primary to both vocational and general upper secondary education. Twenty-five years on, this education reform continues to both inspire and divide discussions on public education (in Slovenia and in certain other countries in the region). Our focus issue thus welcomes both papers that discuss a particular aspect of this reform and papers that reflect the broader social and political circumstances that have influenced and continue to influence educational change.


Article submission timeline:

10 August: submission of paper title and abstract [250 words max.]

30 November 2020: paper submission [between 5,000 and 7,000 words]

June 2021: publication of the focus issue in the CEPS journal


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