Call for Papers: Home Economics Education as Needed in the 21st Century


Vol. 11, Issue 4 (Year 2021)

Issue Editors: Stojan Kostanjevec and Francka Lovšin Kozina

Changes in society constantly require individual persons to assimilate new knowledge and skills to form a lifestyle that improves their quality of life. Lifestyle is at the centre of Home Economics, a multidisciplinary domain that is based on the needs of an individual and society in a given setting and time. According to the needs of particular societies, Home Economics includes priority areas such as food, eating habits, healthy lifestyle, textile and clothing, home, consumerism, personal and family economics. These contents are treated in connection with the sustainable supply of goods and the formation of a lifestyle that promotes the sustainable development of society. Home Economics education has an important role in children, the young and the adults obtaining appropriate Home Economics literacy, which in turn may positively impact the quality of life in individuals, families and society. The aim of quality Home Economics education is to encourage lifelong learning.


A special issue of CEPS Journal, to be published in 2021, intends to present Home Economics as a multidisciplinary scientific discipline dealing with different research topics. The presentation of diverse Home Economics education models, study programmes and literacy methods and forms may consolidate the importance of this domain in improving the quality of life in the 21st-century society.


The content areas we wish to include in this special issue are the following:


  • Examples of Home Economics study programmes, Home Economics teachers’ education, and the adaptations of study programmes to reflect social needs;
  • Justifications of the needs to include Home Economics education in the curricula of different education levels;
  • Presentations of modern approaches to Home Economics education in their different professional sectors such as the economics of a household, consumerism, food, healthy lifestyle, textile and clothing, home, sustainable supplies, and consumption.


Through your contributions, our objective is to find answers to the question: "What kind of Home Economics is needed in the 21st century?"


Article submission timeline:

30 June 2020: submission of paper title and abstract [250 words max.]

30 March 2021: paper submission [between 5,000 and 7,000 words]

December 2021: publication of the focus issue in the CEPS journal


Please send the abstract to, clearly stating the title of the focus issue.


When preparing the manuscript, please follow our guidelines, available here: