Call for Papers: The dynamics of transformative teacher learning in an emerging Europe: Transnational perspectives


Focus editors: Michael Schratz & Vasileios Symeonidis


The European Doctorate in Teacher Education (EDiTE) is a project supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, Marie-Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement number 676452. The four-year project involves early stage and independent researchers from around the world, employed by five partner universities (ELTE Budapest, University of Innsbruck, University of Lisbon, Masaryk University, University of Lower Silesia) in conducting research on the theme of “transformative teacher learning for better student learning in an emerging European context”. As one of its main focus areas, the EDiTE investigates the interconnectedness of educational research and practice, and how teacher transformation is related to change in the European context.

The proposed issue will bring together theoretical and empirical papers by international researchers, with the aim of gathering transnational research perspectives on transformative teacher learning and reflecting on the dynamics in which future education in Europe is emerging. Teacher learning is understood as transformative: an ongoing adaptation process by which teachers change their practices as a response to comprehending student learning (EDiTE, 2015). Drawing from research, policy and practice in different national contexts, the EDiTE papers will examine the nature of teachers’ professional knowledge and practice as well as their learning process from this transformative perspective, reflecting on how transformative learning is embedded in work, both in schools (teaching) and professional development (continuing development). Furthermore, as teacher learning is situated in teachers’ unique national systems, researchers will specifically focus on contextual attributes (such as national policies, workplace, culture and their relations) in describing teacher learning.

The papers of the proposed issue shall also include reflections on the implications for the future of education in Europe. A key question underpinning this issue’s topics will be how transformation through teacher learning is linked to change in European society. Thus, the research findings will show how theory and practice regarding teacher learning are linked to change in Europe, raising the awareness of what constitutes the “Europeanness” of teacher education and what it means to be a “European teacher” (Schratz, 2014). Recognising the importance of national context for understanding the processes of teacher learning around Europe is essential and comprises an integral part of the work of EDiTE researchers. The inter-institutional and collaborative work of the EDiTE enables the collecting of evidence from several national contexts, while at the same time leading to establishing a transnational, European space for understanding teacher learning on the academic level.

We believe that the acquisition of theoretical and rational-empirical knowledge relies on the potential to conduct localised and comparative research and to relate the research process and results to one’s own practice. This is a view “that disrupts the assumption that theory and practice can be kept separate and it assumes not just that the motivations for, commitment to and practice of research are central to the research enterprise, but that they are inextricably as much personal as they are scientific” (Schratz & Walker, 1995, p. 1f). Therefore, the methodological approaches of this issue’s papers will follow a European comparative perspective, applying a variety of research techniques, such as ethnography, action research, experiential vignettes, case studies and others, designed based on qualitative and/or quantitative research strategies.



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Article submission timeline

15 October 2017 submission of paper title and abstract [300 words max.]

30 April 2018: paper submission [6500 words max.]

September 2018:  publication of the focus issue in the CEPS journal