Call for Papers: Curriculum development in contemporary society


Focus editor: Branislava Baranović


The question of the national curriculum is largely a question concerning what kind of society we live in and what kind of society we want to create in order to provide a context for the full development of individuals as human beings.


As has been stated by Andy Hargreaves, Manuel Castels, Daniel Bell and many other social theorists, today’s society is currently at a turning point from an industrial society to a post-industrial and knowledge-based society. We are consequently witnessing the emergence of a knowledge-intensive economy and the globalisation of markets and capital, accompanied by intense competition and rapid changes in knowledge and technology. According to Roger Standaert, these are some of the current developments that have brought about significant structural changes in society and its sub-areas, as well as in the personal lives, lifestyles and social relations of individuals.


As a prominent factor in societal development and the preparation of the individual for work and life in society, education has a significant role and new tasks in this context. This is especially true of the area of the curriculum, which is the substance of the education system. With regard to curriculum development, the aforementioned societal developments raise issues such as: What are the goals of educational and curricular policy? What is the purpose of curriculum change? What competences will students need in the future as individuals living in an increasingly changing and uncertain society? What kind of knowledge and learning/teaching practices and environments should be provided? How can an inclusive curriculum be ensured? How can relevant curricular stakeholders (e.g., teachers, school leaders, parents, students) be prepared for and included in curricular change and its implementation?  


The intention of this special issue of the CEPS Journal is to critically reflect on these and other questions related to today’s curriculum and its development from various scientific perspectives. Contributions dealing with the challenges facing curriculum development at various levels of the education system and in different educational and societal contexts are welcome. 



Article submission timeline

15 February 2018: submission of paper title and abstract [300 words max.]

30 June 2018: paper submission [6500 words max.]

December 2018:  publication of the focus issue in the CEPS journal


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