Reading Picture Books in Preschool and Lower Grades of Primary School

  • Janja Batič Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Keywords: picture book, multimodal text, visual literacy, preschool teachers, classroom teachers


This article introduces the results of a research survey that involved 443 preschool and classroom teachers. The objective of the investigation was to discover teachers’ views on making picture book reading a part of the teaching process, how picture book reading was incorporated, and how a productive visual response to a picture book was designed. The results indicated that the surveyed teachers do consider picture books to be appropriate, not only for very young children, and they had no difficulties selecting an appropriate picture book. Half of the respondents noted that children or students visually expressed their impressions after reading a picture book. The replies also indicated that, as regards picture books within the teaching process, unused potential remains in terms of developing children’s visual and multimodal literacy.


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